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Players complain, they can not play Diablo 2 - Fix comes

The release of Diablo 2: RESURRECTED went a bit bumpy, most of the problems have been placed in the meantime. Only one remains persistent: AVX support. This requires some players to enjoy the Remaster. Blizzard reacts.

What are the current problems? Currently there are symptoms from some fans that they can not play Diablo 2 on the PC. The game just does not start. This problem follows some other start trouble, such as:

Overloaded server to release Connections or difficulty starting and joining online games Apparently deleted characters Questions about the need for PS Plus and Xbox LIVE

Most of these problems are now fixed, but Starting Diablo 2 is still not available for those affected.

Where does the problem come from? As a cause, the AVX technology was evidenced - a protocol, which is used in virtually all processors since 2011. In the original requirements of Diablo 2 (from the year 2000) AVX was not a prerequisite.

Meanwhile, Blizzard means that all processors that do not support technology are below the minimum requirements. Stupid, because: The beta has everything still worked and there is just a miesen reviews of the game. The team now responds to the complaints.

AVX fix comes, but could influence all players

If the bug is fixed? At the moment, the developers work to fix the required AVX support for Diablo 2: Resurrected. Community Manager Pezradar is called (via Blizzard Forums):

The team believes to have a potential fix, but that goes beyond AVX. He could influence all users [...] while CPUs are without AVX among our minimum requirements, we want to make sure that as many people can play as possible. Setups without AVX worked in the beta. When we optimized the game, we accidentally added the AVX as a prerequisite.

What is AVX at all? Advanced vector extensions, short AVX, roughly ensure faster processing of images, videos and graphics from the CPU. Since 2011, quasi has been using all new, common processors from both AMD and Intel this technology.

However, that should take a few more days. To ensure that already playing fans are not affected, the quality assurance should test for a few days long. Anyone who has already bought Diablo 2, but with a definitive purchase but rather until after the fix is ​​waiting for customer support for a possible return.

What about Diablo 2? The Remaster does pretty much exactly what most fans expect: it brings new light into an old game, but does not change much - even if there are quite a few changes.

Some problems and new bugs are resolved by patches, but most of them remains at the old one. Accordingly, Diablo 2 also delights those players who can gamble and can even attract some new fans. If you are not sure if Diablo 2 is worthwhile for you, our checklist helps mymmo:

Diablo 2: Why should you play that? The short check


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